Dr. Jared Taylor

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Jared has a Masters in Social Work and is licensed in Utah as a Certified Social Worker (CSW).  Currently, he is pursuing a Doctor of Social Work with a specialization in Families and Interventions.  He primarily works with adolescents, adults, and couples.  His particular interest are in working with relationship issues (Couples Counseling), spiritual issues, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and some trauma disorders.  In the psychological methods Jared uses, he seeks to ensure Biblical congruence.  One thing he appreciates about Clinical Social work is the emphasis on Holism.  Thus, in his work with clients, he takes into account the biological, psychological, physical, and the spiritual.  Indeed, he sees addressing the spiritual as essential to addressing the whole person.  He is a bit existential and person centered in theoretical disposition, and this allows him to easily draw from other modalities that the client finds work best for them and maintain a foundational basis.  Among the approaches Jared uses are:


  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

  • Biblically Congruent Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

  • Person Centered Therapy

  • Gestalt Therapy

  • Biblically Congruent Mindfulness

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy

  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

  • Psychodrama


Understanding that each person has a different background, he seeks to fit the treatment to the person.  The following is an example of the treatment process you will experience while working with Jared:

  1. Assessment Phase

  2. Building the Therapeutic Relationship, and Treatment Planning

  3. Intervention based on working towards mutually agreed goals and objectives

  4. Continuing Therapy till Goals are achieved and then Planning for Termination


“I believe there are common struggles that all people are faced with and must successfully confront to receive liberation from the ills of life.  Thus, as we work together, I will work on conversation and use techniques to help you in successfully confronting these struggles. Unlike some psychotherapist who will push a single method on you, I believe with the right environment a person is able, with the help of God, to discover the answers to the problems and challenges they face.  I will work to create that environment through existential discussion, acceptance of who you are and empathetic understanding.” Jared


 Short Spiritual Testimony


“I feel fortunate that I was raised in a Christian home.  This set the foundation for much that has guided my life.  It was at the age of three that I said the sinner’s prayer and made a verbal commitment to Christ.  However, it was not until adolescence that I sought the purpose of life through the exploration of various world religions, one which was Christianity.  It was in reading the four gospels multiple times that I became convicted of my ways.  Like the Apostle Paul, my sin became exceedingly sinful.  I then had to trust that Christ’s payment on the cross was sufficient for my sin.  My life was forever changed as I became a new creation.” Jared


Additional Bio

As a young adult, Jared considered pursuit of full-time ministry as a missionary.  In fact, he lived with a missionary family for a year in the democratic republic of Congo and loved it.  Once he saved enough money, working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in Utah, he went to Bible school in Minnesota.  Some events happened, and he eventually found himself as a traveling project manager where he shared the gospel across the United States.  With the recession, his job slowed greatly.  This led him to join the United States Army.  Indeed, he served a little over a half decade in the Army as a Rescue Technician and a Human Resource Manager.  He was a top graduate of the NCO Academy and was a commandant’s list recipient.  He has board certifications from the National Fire Protection Agency in everything from Hazmat at the Operations level to Rope Rescue.


Just after discharge from the Army, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Christian Counseling from Liberty University graduating Suma Cum Laude.  With careful consideration, he then decided to pursue a Masters in Clinical Social Work with Walden University and graduated in 2018 with a 4.0.  He is now pursuing a Doctorate in Social Work.  Up until coming on as a therapist with Grace and Peace Christian Counseling, his previous experience in mental health was working on the national suicide hotline as a volunteer, a veteran’s behavioral health center as a Graduate Intern case manager/counselor and at a Christian Counseling Center in Utah as a Graduate Intern Therapist.  He holds membership in the psychology Psi Chi (ΨΧ) Honor Society and the social work Phi Alpha (ΦΑ) Honor Society.  He is also a member of the National Association of Christian Counselors, the National Association of Social Workers and the Golden Key International Honor Society.  Jared is the father of four girls and his happily married to his wife, Rachel. 

If you want to know more about me, my spiritual testimony, and my approach, I have much more to share on my personal website, including a link to my virtual waiting room: https://www.DrJaredTaylor.Net